About Thai Massage

Believed to be thousands of years old and developed in the ancient Kingdom of Siam know today as Thailand. Traditional Thai massage is an authentic healing art and unique form of body therapy developed by people who used massage not only as a therapeutic method of healing to treat illnesses, but to maintain health and well-being

For centuries, Thai massage has been used as an important healing tool in the treatment of muscular-skeletal problems, internal medical conditions, neurological complaints, and emotional distress, among other things. Some benefits include increased mobility, blood circulation, muscle relaxation, mind and body concentration and detoxification of the body.

A massage consists of much more than a few techniques for rubbing the body and relaxing the muscles. Practitioners of Thai massage actually combine yoga-stretches, muscle massage, stimulation of the meridians using acupressure and manipulation of body joints. Some techniques require therapists to use their feet, elbows, and knees in addition to their hands. When Thai Massage is performed in gentle, rhythmic movements, the client receives an energizing, balanced, and dynamic experience benefiting the body and soul.

Several aspects of Thai Massage that make it markedly different from what Westerners typically considered to be a massage. Thai massage is usually performed with the client wearing loose fitting clothing while lying on a cotton mat on the floor; no oils or lotions are utilized, and the session usually lasts a minimum of 90 minutes.



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